Benefits of QAD AP Automation

Accounts payable automation does a great job at streamlining AP workflows for your organization. Ensuring your AP Automation solution integrates with your ERP software such as QAD,  streamlines the payables process from purchase order to supplier payments. Also, a successful integration makes the management of supplier accounts, monitoring of outstanding invoices, and the entire processing of payments easier for your AP teams. AP automation has grown tremendously in terms of popularity & visibility over the years. 

If you are a business that runs QAD for its resource planning, integrating it with an AP automation system can make your workflows more efficient. An AP automation software & QAD integration saves you from relying on heavy manual, paper-based work that demands enormous amounts of time and effort. 

Otherwise, it can present you with several challenges like,

  • Manual entries into your QAD software.
  • Lack of transparency into your AP processes & cash flow.
  • Delayed approvals with a lack of information to make informed decisions.
  • Manual matching of PO based invoices with increasing complexity.

The selection of an ERP system is one of the most significant decisions you make  for your business. After this sort of important and strategic move, it becomes incredibly important for you to choose the rest of the related applications that fall in line with this core product. Hereon, a streamlined & integrated collection of applications should be your top priority. Consider support, upgrading versions, end-user experience, synchronization, and infrastructure while you build your collection of applications. Without a collection/suite of integrated apps, your business is very likely to suffer with a great deal of non-integrated information, thus resulting in poor leverage of major application investments. 

Choosing the right AP automation software for QAD automation is one of these significant moves you make. 

3 Advantages of QAD AP Automation: 

1. Automated Approval Routing 

QAD automation solutions benefit you with automated approval routing and efficiency in the entire approval process of invoices. They also help you cut down on the enormous waste that comes with incorrect, uneducated decision making. 

A good AP automation software like Easy Access offers you better turnaround time of your invoices and real-time visibility into payables. It also maximizes your cash flow and lets you pay your invoices efficiently well within your deadlines and in terms of your agreements with the vendors. 

2. Workflow Visibility 

Automating your accounts payable process within QAD also helps you tremendously in managing a distributed AP team. Especially now, when most of your teams are operating remotely, this function comes in handy. QAD automation allows you to manage a decentralized invoicing process seamlessly. Allowing you to track your invoices through the business, automated QAD gives you a clear insight into the different steps taken by either the automated workflow or by users. This lets your staff efficiently and effectively handle accounts payables. 

3. Quicker Month-end And Year-End Closing 

AP automation that integrates with your QAD provides your team with cleaner data that is available faster than data that has to be manually entered, and can be incorrect. Using automation allows you to get the most out of your QAD investment and reduces the usual stress associated with week long month-end closes, as they will now be completed in one to two days, due to increased controls and automated processes. 

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