Long gone are the days where the AP team would stack up a pile of invoice papers and then eventually lose track & work efficiency over time. Automating your accounts payable workflow takes care of all the potential hurdles. It makes the time-consuming processes more manageable and helps businesses reduce their resources on tasks related to AP. Accounts Payable Automation is the thing of the future, and every business must implement it.

Why, you ask? Let us take you through how efficiently an Accounts Payable automation software works to give you an even more efficient workflow.

Traditionally, companies would hire bigger teams to handle accounts and invoices. But humans can only do so much. A large number of incoming invoices becomes challenging to handle manually. AP Automation solutions such as Easy Access automate the process and provide total visibility of your invoices. It enables companies to process supplier invoices at a touchless processing rate of over 70%.

Below are 4 benefits your company can enjoy with AP automation:

    1. Eliminate Human Errors: Manual tasks come with errors. These errors, small or big, can cause harm to your business’s growth. Digitizing your AP workflow will eliminate any potential human error and provide you with better outcomes. Better outcomes that’ll help you build effective financial relationships with your vendors, which in turn will help your business further.
    2. Find Invoices Easily: An automated invoice processing system can help you store your data systematically & safely. Imagine finding a specific invoice from loads and loads of paper. Now imagine looking for that invoice by just typing in the search bar! Easier, better & faster. You can find all the information you need anytime, anywhere. The invoices can be made accessible to multiple people involved, making it easier to collaborate and maintain efficiency in invoice management.
    3. Faster Processing Times: It’s pretty obvious that computers are faster than us humans. A good AP automation solution can make the process faster and always keep you ahead of your competitors. Companies that use AP automation solutions can provide a faster service to their vendors which will eventually help in building a good relationship with them and also grow their business. A company that adapts to technology, and stays updated, grows to be a successful one.
    4. Do More With Less: As your business grows, Easy Access enables you to grow revenue without adding headcount. Traditionally, as revenues increase, companies add headcount.  With Easy Access, you can grow your company and triple the processing rate per existing employee and achieve over 3,000 invoices per month, per employee.

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