How Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP Improves Service Management Profitability

When manufacturers look for areas to grow revenue and high-margin opportunities in such a way that benefits their business, most of them focus on the service component. This approach is more common in businesses in the engineer-to-order space and capital equipment. 

Infor Syteline ERP or Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (CSI) is an end-to-end cloud ERP solution for engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, highly repetitive, process, process, and service-based industry. Built with supporting functionality for engineer-to-order manufacturers that seldom make the same product twice, Infor Process Automation includes a complete service management module as a part of its core application. 

Engineer-to-order/configure-to-order manufacturers need an effective ERP solution that can productively handle their specific manufacturing processes, actual costing environments, distinctive revenue recognition requirements, and after-market service requirements. Infor’s Cloudsuite Industrial Syteline ERP serves as an effective solution for such requirements and benefits manufacturers that are into engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, and service-based industry. 

How Does Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP Enhance Service Management Profitability? 

Infor CSI Service Management with its functional service management system benefits your business by: 

  • Providing Insights Into the Stocking of Replacement Parts: As a manufacturer in an engineer-to-order space, you become the go-to source for parts, which in turn makes you the go-to source for replacement parts. The Infor Syteline ERP tells you which parts are commonly used for multiple products, thus giving you an idea of which parts to stock in the warehouse. This further allows you to respond to your customer needs rapidly, since the parts are now readily available in your brick and mortar or virtual warehouse. 
  • Allowing You To Add Service Agreements: Infor’s Cloudsuite Industrial Syteline ERP allows you to include service agreements to items you sell or the service you provide. This also includes giving you complete visibility into the actions associated with your contracts and managing them. 
  • Giving your techs/partners access to service order information: Infor offers full-service scheduling, routing, and service order distribution information to your technicians and partners through its Cloudsuite Industrial Service Mobile application. This application lets your technicians see the scheduled orders, helps them navigate to the destination, and gives them access to important information like things covered in the contract, the repair and maintenance history, unit configuration. Therefore, allowing them to  show up at the site of the job, issue materials, and capture any expenses incurred.

This feature enables you to keep a check on cost collection, thus measuring service profitability easily! 

Infor Syteline ERP offers great benefits to various manufacturers but works exceptionally well for the ones that are service-based. It not only improves your service provided to the customers but also helps you gain great profits due to the availability of a fully-functional service management system.

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