AP automation can grant you a faster and smarter business process indeed, but to get that complete solution package, you need to select the right e-invoicing solution. Business entities face the question whether to get standalone software or depend on online solutions. Although both of these options follow the core objective of delivering a faster and glitch-free financial transaction process, they are distinguished by a few features. Let us compare these two solutions to find out, which is best-suited for you.

Accessibility: As standalone e-invoicing software is installed in your own operation terminal, they can be accessed easily without going online. However, these facilities are best suited for office usage with 24×7 monitoring. And bringing along your computer is the only option to access data when you are on the go.

On the other hand, online solutions can be easily accessed from any part of the world, with an Internet connection. Its formats are compatible with different devices and operating systems. This earns online solution a point on accessibility.

Security: As standalone software stays in your computer, sensitive data protection duties fall on you. Obviously, these applications come with various programs that safeguard the data from virus, hacking, and malware issues. But, you would have to keep updating their safety measures to the latest version to maintain safety, which can be a challenging job. However, online e-invoicing solutions come with security measures that are automatically updated to keep the financial streamline encompassing global business entities, always protected. Their military grade encrypted data access and transfer protocols make hacking their servers impossible, but we can’t say the same for standalone software.

Charges: Standalone software solutions generally charge once, but to get the online solutions, you have to pay a monthly/quarterly/annual price. However, standalone software doesn’t come with free update facility. So, you either have to work with year old system while the world embraces new technology, or you have to pay for updates on top of the huge package price that you have shelled out already. Therefore, opting for online solutions is obviously a better investment to maintain AP automation successfully.

By drawing a comparison between standalone solutions and online e-invoicing services, we can say that online solutions are a better choice for business entities than the mediocre features of standalone software. When you are prepared to embrace AP automation and take your business to the next level of efficiency, you wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality of the solutions you use. Contact us today for the best industry-standard AP automation solutions.

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