sap accounts payable automation

Automate your accounts payable workflow as you continue to use your SAP system for your financial accounting needs. The Easy Access accounts payable automation solution can integrate with all versions of SAP, which will improve you’re current procure to pay process. 

Following the seamless integration of your SAP system with Easy Access, your vendor & purchase order details are covered in a few easy steps. After Easy Access extracts data from your vendor invoices using TAG reading during the OCR Process, we then seamlessly compare this information to your purchase and receipts data in  SAP, creating vouchers for the approved invoices inside your SAP system.  All your invoice information & payment data is synced between Easy Access & the SAP system automatically. As a result, the entire invoice process is automated with minimal human effort, also giving each authorized user complete visibility of the invoice in regard. All your AP team has to do is handle the exceptions which can easily be identified and resolved through the system.



Automating accounts payables is one of the very first things companies go for when they plan process automation in SAP. AP automation eliminates problems in manual processes like receiving invoices, early payment, matching data, delays in processing, etc. It brings with it a rapid return on investment & the ability to optimize your AP workflow.

Easy Access’s data capture & invoice data enhancement consistently outperforms the features in SAP. As a result, more invoices get processed touchless. Upon integrating with your SAP system, Easy Access provides you with a user-friendly AP automation solution that encourages on-time deliveries & consistently enables your business to make responsible & intelligent decisions.

With Easy Access’s smart functions and predictive analytics, you can transform your business into an efficient one. Collaborating with your SAP system, Easy Access helps you determine the right approach & implement strategies that promote high efficiency, transparency, & cost savings.

The Easy Access Accounts Payable Automation Solution changes and tailors your AP processes to be highly user-friendly & paperless. All while making sure that the users strictly adhere to the policies & guidelines laid by your company.


All the manual processes that rely on information in the SAP system are streamlined with AP automation. Using its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, quick reconciliation, and workflow automation, Easy Access speeds your invoice processing for minimal human intervention, exceptions, and errors.

The Easy Access & SAP integration gives you increased visibility & reporting capabilities across your accounts payable processes. It also centralizes your staff’s access to relevant data, making them well-equipped to capture paper invoices and make better operational and financial decisions. Your managers are also provided with actionable insights into the status of the invoice process, allowing them to identify any potential problems and solve them.

Easy Access’s integration with your SAP system helps you capture and store all your documentation on one system. This allows your staff to access the documents as and when required directly from the SAP interface. Furthermore, the entire approval history of each invoice is made available to you to give you better control. The solution also keeps all invoice records and gives you access to them whenever required.

Companies that totally rely on manual processes end up spending an excessive amount of time searching for AP documents. The Easy Access Automation Software allows your staff to access supporting documents like invoice images, discounts invoice, approval trails, vendor contracts, etc., directly from the SAP. This eliminates the time-consuming search, allows users to add new information and access important information from their devices anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which software is best for SAP?

AP automation is an easy option that adds value to your SAP system. It eliminates rote and manual tasks and makes time for more meaningful work. Easy Access’s accounts payable automation software integrates with most versions of SAP. The SAP accounts payable automation with Easy Access gives a complete oversight and control of invoices, minimizes end-to-end invoice processing cycle time & costs, and accelerates the process for handling exceptions and discrepancies.

2. How does accounts payable automation work in SAP?

The accounts payable automation first integrates with the SAP. The SAP accounts payable automation process then extracts data from the SAP master data to cover vendor and purchase order details. Approved invoices are used to create vouchers inside SAP. As a result, the entire invoice process is automated and all authorized users have visibility of the invoices.

3. Which software is best for accounting, Tally or SAP?

Both softwares, Tally & SAP have their own share of benefits. The best one depends on the complexities of the accounting tasks. Tally is the oldest accounting software while SAP is not just for accounting but is a more comprehensive software that manages the business in a smarter way. The SAP accounts payable automation simplifies things for your organization by eliminating manual tasks and increasing productivity.