microsoft dynamics gp accounts payable automation

The Easy Access solution integrates with Microsoft Dynamics. The process consists of extracting data from the Microsoft Dynamics master data, to cover vendor and purchase order details. Approved invoices are used to create vouchers inside the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Accounts Payable Solutions. As a result, the entire invoice process is automated and all authorized users have visibility of the invoice with Microsoft Dynamics GP accounts payable automation.

Benefits of integrating Easy Access Enterprise accounts payable processing
with Microsoft Dynamics are

Why choose Easy Access for Dynamics automated invoice processing

Our data capture and enhancement of invoice data and workflow consistently outperforms the features in Microsoft Dynamics GP. The result is that more invoices get processed Touchlessly.

The Easy Access Process

Easy Access for Dynamics GP eliminates paper by digitally capturing and electronically routing invoices during the entire AP process. Easy Access blends intelligent data extraction with artificial intelligence (AI), using a real-time bond with the Dynamics GP system to authenticate and fill in vendor data, GL codes, and relevant invoice information. Manual data entry is virtually eliminated, while data precision is significantly enhanced.

Invoices are automatically routed toward online or email approval, and, upon permission, the appropriate transactions are automatically generated in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Easy Access maintains invoice automation for both, purchase order and non-purchase order, implementing total visibility for the entire AP process, with complete workflow history to quickly meet audit and compliance requirements.