infor process automation

The Easy Access solution integrates with a variety of ERP’s that were purchased by Infor Lawson. These include BPCS, PRMS, and Infinium. The process consists of extracting data from the INFOR master data, to cover vendor and purchase order details. Approved invoices are used to create vouchers inside the Infor Process Automation Solution. As a result, the entire invoice process is automated, and all authorized users have visibility of the invoices.

Benefits of integrating Easy Access processing with INFOR are

Why choose Easy Access for INFOR automated invoice processing

Our data capture and enhancement of invoice data consistently outperforms the features in Infor Process Automation. The result is that more invoices get processed Touchlessly.

Automate accounts payable without any modifications to how you are using your Infor system. Use Easy Access’ tailored solutions and intuitive interface to intelligently and efficiently manage your AP process flows.
Our AP automation services offer an integration that automatically syncs invoice coding and payment data with minimum efforts from your IT professionals.

Our Accounts Payable solutions integrate with Infor in real-time. They always have access to your current business data and can use that data to work efficiently. Because they don’t rely on intermittent updates, they have all the critical information about every open transaction and use that to process your transactions completely.

With Easy Access’ Infor process designer fulfilling your most time-consuming tasks, you can spend more on revenue-oriented projects. You can also obtain more significant vendor incentives, achieving a full return on your investment.