How Infor Process Automation Helps in AP

What Is Infor Process Automation?

Infor Process Automation, or commonly known as IPA, is an automation engine that allows users to streamline their workflow and every aspect of their business. It is an enhanced software tool that offers an ideal development environment for a better quality of process flows, less development time and decreased ongoing flow maintenance. It also benefits your company by handling errors proactively, thus improving your productivity and workflow. Setting up the IPA automation process is simple and effective as it allows companies to develop workflows without modifying or reworking the application source code. Infor Process Automation includes a variety of components such as drag and drop graphs, dashboards, themes, etc., making it easy for the company to design a one of a kind custom database. It also allows the user to integrate major enterprise applications like HCM, CloudSuite Financials, Infor CloudSuite Supply management.

What Does It Mean To Automate A Process? 

Infor Lawson’s Infor Process Automation allows automating most complex tasks saving the users’ time and money. It simplifies redundant and tedious tasks that typically take hours to complete and require a lot of human effort. IPA allows companies to focus their human resources on other more critical aspects of their business.

How Infor Process Automation Helps in AP 

Easy Access accounts payable automation system seamlessly integrates with Infor in real-time. It gives you complete access to your current business data making your accounts payable work more reliable and efficient. It fulfils your most important and time-consuming tasks so you can focus your manpower on other crucial tasks and grow your business.

  • Complete Control of InvoicesAccounts payable automation gives you complete access to your invoices while reducing human interaction. You can easily find a specific invoice through dozens of them with just a click. Our dashboard gives you complete access to all of your data anytime, anywhere.
  • Audit Trail of Actions
    AP automation software provides you with an audit trail or audit log that records all of your actions. If something in the invoicing process goes wrong, you can always come back and check the trail of actions to figure out the problem and solve it right away. 
  • Minimize Invoice Processing Cycle Times
    Invoice processing is a tedious process. Automating this process with AP automation software like ours can reduce the invoice processing cycle time. Not only does it save your valuable time but also reduces the human effort that can be rather used for other crucial tasks. 
  • Reduce Invoice Processing Costs 
    Hiring individuals to do the invoice processing can be expensive. Automating this process will save you a lot of money and also eliminate any human error that would’ve happened otherwise.
  • Accelerate Process For Handling Exceptions
    If there is an exception or discrepancy in the accounts payable process, Easy Access automation software identifies the problem and resolves it automatically, thus making the process faster, reliable and easier. 
  • Automated Workflow
    Automating the account payable process allows a higher level of control. It gives you complete access to the invoices and the data files. This makes your workflow seamless and smoother at all times.

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