Accounts payable automation is growing over the years, and so are its needs. It can make a tedious and time-consuming invoice processing sleeker. Taking so many manual tasks and putting them through an automated workflow helps controllers cut down big chunks of time, improve vendor relationships, reduce errors, and earn money where cash-back rebates and early-payment discounts are available. For those wondering, why accounts payable invoice automation is worth it— in this blog, we will discuss 7 crucial reasons why all businesses need automated invoice processing.

Quick Access to Invoice Images

Sharing images and approval trails of all invoices throughout your organization’s levels becomes easy. You can automatically export or import information. Anyone involved can simultaneously access the system. This encourages real-time collaboration and helps in maintaining the most efficient invoice management system.

Faster Processing

If you are not yet taking advantage of automated invoice processing, your competitors could be way ahead of you. Trying to keep up with competition who already use automation will become increasingly tricky as customers start to shop around, realizing they can get faster service elsewhere. Additionally, as the digital age continues to change the way consumers behave, automated workplaces can quickly respond and adapt. At the same time, those still relying on manual processing have much bigger hills to climb.

Quick Reconciliation

Anyone who has permission can know the status of an invoice at a look. Since you can monitor progress in the workflow, it is simple to pinpoint delays and get answers from your members. Touchless pairing and matching with EasyAccess’s accounts payable invoice automation provides a quick reconciliation for large businesses.

Reduce Lost Invoices

Losing invoices is not a foreign concept to the AP departments of medium to large-sized businesses. This is also one of the main reasons why there is a delay in invoice approvals. Our accounts payable automation software shows a dashboard with a listing and image of every processed invoice. This is a feature that makes Easy Access the best invoice automation software there is!

Improve on Time Payments

Late payments can cause significant damage to your new business and even existing ones, especially when it comes to supplier relationships. Not only will one late payment warrant a financial penalty, but consistently late payments could cause suppliers to discontinue business with you, leaving you scrambling to find replacements. Digitally routing and tracking invoices with AP automation provides instant visibility into your cash flow, allowing you to keep a check on the status of every invoice and get closer to the best-in-class invoice processing time.

Reduce Manpower Solution

Cutting down on personnel costs leads to significant cost savings. Easy Access’s invoice management system reduces the workforce by improving the processing rate per employee. The touchless processing and rapid corrections features in EasyAccess can triple the processing rate per employee to achieve speeds of 3,000 invoices per month per employee.

Improvements in Efficiency

With AP automation, you can improve the accuracy of each invoice, the consistency across invoices, and process control, reporting, transparency, accountability, and archiving. All your invoice data is in one file and can analyze any aspect of your accounts payable process in seconds.

With accounts payable automation software for your modern businesses from EasyAccess, you are entirely digitized. It allows you to accommodate all your suppliers, regardless of location, size, or maturity. The best invoice automation software simplifies and streamlines your entire automation process while increases productivity and also saves you and your suppliers’ money and time.

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