In the world of rapidly evolving technology and ever-increasing competition, it has become a dire responsibility for businesses to catch up and stay updated with the latest and greatest technology. Companies have started digitizing most of their tasks but often forget about AP. Accounts payable should be automated.

The Accounts Payable department is often burdened with tons of paperwork and an unrealistic workload related to the number of invoices to be processed in a day. Even a small discrepancy in the invoice process can have a significant impact on your business.

AP automation reduces headaches and can turn a cost center into a profit center. Choosing a new vendor can be overwhelming and selecting the best amongst the various Accounts Payable Automation platforms can make you say your current process works fine. Worry not, we are here to help you to know the 4 AP automation software features you should look for while investing in one vs. staying with your current process.

  1. Eliminate Manual Data Entry: An AP Automation software should streamline the process from start to end without any human interference. The software should be able to handle complex and tedious tasks like invoice approvals and payments with ease. The software or service should eliminate the need for anyone to touch an invoice before it gets processed.
  2. Quick Search: Finding a specific invoice amongst thousand other invoices can be a challenging task— Your automation software should make that easy for you. A quick search option can be used by multiple people involved, anytime, anywhere, making it easier to collaborate and maintain transparency in the business and its operations.
  3. Go Green; Eliminate Waste: Piling up a bunch of invoice papers in a warehouse to keep them accessible for your staff or auditors doesn’t always work. AP automation software can save thousands of invoices safely without ever losing them. Easy Access provides a dashboard with an image of every invoice being processed along with the name of the person holding it. This makes Easy Access distinct from others and the best ap automation software in the industry.
  4. Turning a Cost Center into a Profit Center: Failing to process invoices on time can have a significant impact on the business and can also cause you to miss some good discounts in the discount period. Easy Access has an Invoice Tracking feature that can track and process discount-eligible invoices first, so you don’t lose any discounts.

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