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What Are The Challenges You Are Facing?

Does your invoice storage system make it challenging to find a specific invoice quickly?

Solution – Search Invoice Page
Easy Access stores images and approval trails of all invoices and provides instant access using multiple search criteria.

Do invoices with multiple lines take a lot of time to process?

Solution – Pairing invoice lines with PO lines
Easy Access uses a unique algorithm that automatically “pairs” each invoice line to the appropriate PO line and then proceeds to match the price and the quantity. Pairing uses items like a Part number, Unit price, and amount to assign the proper PO line to each invoice line. The result is large multi-line invoices can be processed Touchlessly.

Do the multi-line invoices need to be matched against each line on the PO and verified against Receipts to ensure the correct quantity has arrived?

Solution- Touchless Pairing and Matching
Touchless Pairing and Matching with Easy Access accounts payable software for large businesses

  • Pairing is the process of identifying which PO line is being billed by each invoice line
  • Matching is the process of identifying whether the billing of the invoice matches the ordering and receiving from the PO
  • The result is either a perfect match which would then transfer the invoice data to your ERP and create a voucher OR
  • Place the invoice in a specific hold reason and then route it to the appropriate person

Do your invoices get lost or misplaced while processing?

Solution – Dashboard
Our accounts payable automation solutions provide a dashboard with a listing and image of every invoice being processed along with the name of the person who is “holding” the invoice. This is another feature that makes Easy Access the best AP automation software.

Do the invoices not processed within the discount period result in discounts being lost?

Solution – Invoice Tracking of Invoice Vendors
Use the Invoice Tracking feature to track and process discount-eligible invoices for AP automation vendors within the discount period.

Are you being asked to process more invoices with the same or less staff?

Solution – Improve Processing Rate per employee
The Touchless processing and Rapid corrections features in Easy Access can triple the processing rate per employee to achieve speeds of 3,000 invoices per month per employee.

90 Day’s Go Live Process

Why Choose Easy Access?

The path to success with efficient Accounts Payable Software

Optimizing the accounts payable process has been a frustrating and challenging endeavor for many companies. Despite attempts in process re-engineering and the application of technologies such as ERP and OCR for document administration and e-invoices, key issues remain. Many companies have decided to outsource their AP functions and reduce costs for labor investment.

One financial obstacle is to be resolved to accomplish Accounts Payable Automation, and three technology steps need to be taken. The monetary block is ROI—the AP area is too small to justify a large-scale AP automation software implementation investment.

The steps of our AP automation solutions to tackle this are


Accounts Payable Automation Software robots must replace manual actions by AP staff.

Structured data

For effective payables automation, the incoming unstructured data must promptly be structured.


An automated workflow of structured data among employees, suppliers, and third parties assisting with reports, analytics, and decision-making—must be set in place.

A range of accounts payable solutions will be modified with these three steps– A business’s ERP system seamlessly integrates with the automated accounts payable process. Furthermore, new capacities, such as payment processing and approvals processes via various devices, will become possible.

These three steps also provide a reliable automation foundation for businesses with a highly manual process cycle, allowing them to reduce costs, enhance performance, gain regulatory compliance, and achieve real-time visibility of payable status.

Easy Access offers a platform consisting of an OCR engine and a website; and operates it to provide clients with the data results they need.

What Our Clients Say

Easy Access does a great job automating our Accounts Payable operations across 30 plants by handling data capture, eliminating paper and reducing processing costs.”

Lippert Components

We have achieved a Touchless processing ratio of over 65% on invoices some of which have over 50 lines each. The time and cost savings using the Easy Access solution have been enormous


Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is accounts payable automation software?

Accounts Payable automation software or AP automation software, refers to the technology that eliminates the manual tasks & processes related to accounts payable by automating them. This helps to improve the accounts payable workflow by getting rid of the time-consuming manual data entry tasks, reduce the odds of errors, & increase the efficiency of the business.

2. What are the advantages of accounts payable Automation?

With fluctuating quantities of invoices coming in every imaginable format, accounts payable software helps:

  • Quickly find invoice images.
  • Process the invoices faster.
  • Quickly reconcile invoice lines with PO lines.
  • Reduce lost invoices.
  • Improve on-time payments.
  • Reduce manpower.

Invoice automation software reduces processing costs by almost 80% and strengthens the connection between businesses and suppliers.

3. Why do companies need accounts payable invoice automation?

Managing accounts payable tasks manually can get challenging. Moreover, manual processing of invoices can lead to errors and delays. With the help of a reliable accounts payable invoice automation software, businesses can

  • Reduce overall invoice processing time.
  • Have total visibility of the invoices from receipt to entry into their ERP systems.
  • Increase touchless processing of invoices.
  • Improve productivity and reduce costs.
  • Have an audit history of all activities connected with each invoice.
  • Rapidly rectify invoices with problems.

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