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What Are The Challenges You Are Facing?

Does your invoice storage system make it challenging to find a specific invoice quickly?

Solution: Easy Access’s Multiple Search Criteria to quickly find invoice images

With an unimaginable number of invoices coming in regularly, a huge pile of papers stacks up. This makes it extremely difficult to find specific invoices that you might need to review in the future. Automating your invoicing process with Easy Access helps you overcome this challenge. 

Easy Access’s OCR data capture scans all incoming invoices & stores images in your ERP system. It also stores approval trails of all invoices and provides instant access using its Multiple Search Criteria.

Do you think processing invoices with multiple lines take way too long?

Solution: Easy Access’s unique algorithm that pairs invoice lines with PO lines seamlessly. 

To process and push invoices for approval further, it is necessary that the right invoice lines and purchase order lines are paired. To perform this task manually for a large number of invoices is nothing but time-consuming. It also requires your AP staff to spend their most productive hours in repetitive tasks. 

Easy Access reads the header, invoice line, and footer information on the invoices, to perfectly match them with the PO details. Easy Access AP automation solution uses a unique algorithm that “pairs” each invoice line to the appropriate PO line automatically! It then proceeds to match the price and the mentioned quantity. 

The pairing process uses items like a Part number, Unit price, and Amount to assign the proper PO line to each invoice line. The result is large multi-line invoices can be processed quickly & touchless! 

Does your AP team spend hours matching multi-line invoices against each line on the PO, one by one?

Solution: Easy Access’s Touchless Pairing & Matching Activities 

  • Pairing is the process of identifying which PO line is being billed by each invoice line.
  • Matching is the process of identifying whether the billing of the invoice matches the ordering and receiving from the PO.
  • The result is either a perfect match which would then transfer the invoice data to your ERP and create a voucher, OR
  • Place the invoice in a specific hold reason and then route it to the appropriate person. 

Manually processing invoices and making sure that they get processed accurately involves the abovementioned and many other steps. Especially in the case of multi-line invoices where they are to be matched with each line on the PO and then verified against the receipts to ensure that you have received the correct quantity of items. 

Easy Access’s Touchless Pairing and Matching activities help large businesses process their invoices automatically with minimum human effort. This makes sure the entire reconciliation process becomes seamless and quick!

Do you find your team complaining about lost or misplaced invoices while processing very often?

Solution – The Easy Access Dashboard

With countless invoices, comes a huge pile of papers & large records. Keeping a track of all invoice approvals and reviewing them when required, is a challenge when there are no digital records kept. With Easy Access Accounts Payable Automation Solution that stores images and approval trails of all your invoices in your system, significantly reducing the number of lost invoices. 

Additionally, Easy Access provides a dashboard feature that lists and displays images of every invoice being processed. It also displays the name of the person who is “holding” the invoice. This Dashboard feature is one of the many special features that makes Easy Access the best AP automation software in the industry. 

Are you losing discounts as a result of not processing invoices within the discount period?

Solution: Easy Access’s Invoice Tracking Feature for Invoice Vendors

 Keeping a track of discount periods of invoices becomes taxing. There are way too many invoices and as many dates for a human to remember and keep a track of. Many times, your AP staff fails to process an invoice in the given discount period. As a result, you end up losing discounts on the invoice in question. 

Easy Access’s Invoice Tracking feature allows you to track and process discount-eligible invoices for AP automation vendors within the discount period. Letting you leverage the advantages that come along. 


Are you barely managing to process more number of invoices with the same or less number of people on your AP team?

Solution: Improved Invoice Processing Rate Per Employee with Easy Access

Making complete use of your workforce to perform your Accounts Payable jobs can be tricky. With a manual workflow, your staff can sometimes end up spending their valuable hours in rote and repetitive tasks. By automating your invoice processing cycles, your business is enabled to process invoices more accurately, quickly, and with negligible errors. Moreover, we are not oblivious to the fact that software always leaves humans behind in terms of speed! Thus, increasing the number of invoices each employee processes for your business. 

Easy Access’s Touchless Processing & Rapid Corrections features not doubles but triples the number of invoices each employee processes. In other words, Easy Access helps you improve the processing rate per employee, achieving the speed of 3,000 invoices per month per employee. 


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Easy Access’s unique Accounts Payable Automation Solution helps you:


Optimizing the accounts payable process has been a frustrating and challenging endeavor for many companies. Despite making countless attempts to re-engineer their accounting system, businesses still fail to optimize their AP process. Regardless of availing of technologies such as ERP & OCR for document administration & e-invoices, the key issues remain to create inefficiencies. Consequently, many companies have decided to outsource their AP functions and reduce costs for labor investment with the help of reliable accounts payable (AP) automation vendors.

However, a few significant financial obstacles and human errors bother the accomplishment of accounts payable automation for businesses. One of the monetary blocks being the ROI (Return of Investment), in cases where the AP area is too small to justify investing in a large-scale AP automation software implementation.

To address such obstacles Easy Access, one of the leading accounts payable automation solutions, presents you with 3 technology steps!



Accounts Payable Automation Software robots must replace manual actions by AP staff.

Structured data

For effective payables automation, the incoming unstructured data must promptly be structured.


An automated workflow of structured data among employees, suppliers, and third parties that assist you with reports, analytics, and decision-making—must be set in place.

A range of accounts payable solutions will be modified with these three steps– A business’s ERP system seamlessly integrates with the automated accounts payable process. Furthermore, new capacities, such as payment processing and approvals processes via various devices, will become possible.

Unlike any other accounts payable automation services, these three steps by Easy Access also provide a reliable automation foundation for businesses with a highly manual invoice process cycle, allowing them to reduce errors & costs, enhance performance, gain regulatory compliance, and achieve real-time visibility of payable status.

Easy Access offers a platform consisting of an OCR engine and a website; and operates it to provide clients with the data results they need.

What Our Clients Say

Easy Access does a great job automating our Accounts Payable operations across 30 plants by handling data capture, eliminating paper and reducing processing costs.”

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We have achieved a Touchless processing ratio of over 65% on invoices some of which have over 50 lines each. The time and cost savings using the Easy Access solution have been enormous


Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AP Automation Software?

Accounts Payable automation software or AP automation software, refers to the technology that eliminates the manual tasks & processes related to accounts payable by automating them. This helps to improve the accounts payable workflow by getting rid of the time-consuming manual data entry tasks, reduce the odds of errors, & increase the efficiency of the business.

2. What are the Advantages of Accounts Payable Automation Solutions?

With fluctuating quantities of invoices coming in every imaginable format, accounts payable software helps:

  • Quickly find invoice images.
  • Process the invoices faster.
  • Quickly reconcile invoice lines with PO lines.
  • Reduce lost invoices.
  • Improve on-time payments.
  • Reduce manpower.

Invoice automation software reduces processing costs by almost 80% and strengthens the connection between businesses and suppliers.

3. What are the Features of Accounts Payable Software?

Software by different AP Automation companies may have unique automated AP processing features to offer, but 3 features that every automated accounting system must have are:

  • Invoice Management: To keep track of your invoice payments & streamline your cash-flow.
  • Reporting Capabilities: With business-intelligence tools to help you analyze expenses and make smarter decisions.
  • Data Centralization: To help you gain insights over all data and easily use it when needed.

4. Who Uses Accounts Payable Software?

An AP automation software helps organizations manage volumes of invoices and financial transactions with their vendors. It is used by accountants and members of your AP staff. Managers and executives can also use the accounts payable automation process software to monitor AP activities.

5. Does AP Automation Software Deter Invoice Fraud?

The best AP automation software improves on-time payments, centralizes your financial data, and helps you better monitor your transactions with your suppliers and vendors. Its inbuilt analytics & reporting tools help you prevent payment frauds of all kinds, irrespective of their source.

6. How Does AP Automation Intake Vendor Invoices?

Several AP automation vendors offer you different features for the intake of invoices. The Easy Access AP Automation Software uses its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to digitally intake vendor invoices in a quick and convenient manner, thus making the first step of your invoice automation process easy! The solution also offers a vendor portal so vendors can submit the invoice directly and don’t have to worry if their invoice was lost and can track when the invoice was paid.

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